The new fitness studio at 120 S. Jefferson St., specializes in heated power vinyasa yoga, cardio-infused barre classes and community building.
Jacob Newby,

There’s more to Disko Lemonade — the first business to open in downtown Pensacola’s Southtowne apartment complex — than side planks and downward facing dogs. 

The new fitness studio and authorized Lululemon retailer at 120 S. Jefferson St. opened Thursday. It specializes in heated power vinyasa yoga and cardio-infused barre classes, but as owner and Pensacola native Briana Knight will tell you, Disko Lemonade is about increasing your self-esteem and sense of community as much as it is about increasing your range of motion. 

“It’s not really a cliquey club, it’s more of a community-driven fitness studio,” said Knight, who previously owned Beyond Barre on West Fairfield Drive before moving and re-branding in early 2018. “You’re going to immediately feel welcomed, you won’t be judged and you’ll feel comfortable, that’s what we’re going for.” 

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As for the physical element of Knight’s operation, her goal is for members to get the most out of Disko Lemonade’s 60-minute classes. 

“Any class that we offer here, that’s like a main class on our schedule, we want you to get the most out of an hour that you can get,” she said. “So if you’re going to come for a fitness class, you’re going to get strength, cardio, flexibility, all of it, burn calories. If you’re gonna come to yoga, you’re not just stretching, you’re working your butt off.”

Knight is passionate about the fluidity of vinyasa yoga, which is practiced in a heated, 700-square-foot studio behind the store’s lobby and boutique area. Vinyasa can be demanding, Knight said, and that’s part of what fuels her passion. 

“In vinyasa, you’re typically in flow, so you’re flowing from one pose to another, which can be challenging,” she explained. “You think about going up and then down to planks, and then back up, and then into down dog.”

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Owner Briana Knight talks Monday about the new Disko Lemonade fitness studio and Lululemon apparel boutique at 120 S. Jefferson St. in downtown Pensacola. (Photo: Gregg Pachkowski/

The first 40 minutes of a vinyasa class are “in flow,” Knight said, and the last 20 minutes involve a wind-down and a series of seated poses. 

The barre classes Disko Lemonade offers aren’t like other barre workouts in town, Knight said. 

“I would say what makes our barre different is we do incorporate a cardio element,” she said. 

The glide board that the studio uses — and provides to members during classes — mimics a skating, gliding motion. 

“You’re kind of sliding back and forth, and it gets your heart rate up without impacting your joints,” she added.

Disko Lemonade instructors lead four to five classes every weekday. There are another two classes Saturday and one Sunday. The studio is currently running a new client special, where $49 gets you an unlimited number of classes for one month. 

Monthly unlimited access packages are also offered for $129 and $139 per month. The price plan depends on your agreed commitment of either three or six months. The studio charges $19 for a drop-in class and also sells passes for five or 10 classes. A discounted rates is available for Southtowne tenants.

The yoga studio is obviously neither a disco hall nor a lemonade shop, but the nationally recognizable Lululemon logo on the building’s front door puts both of those possible misconceptions to bed for passersby.

Disko Lemonade is authorized to sell Lululemon apparel in the store’s boutique. The hugely popular brand of yoga and fitness gear is not available anywhere else in Pensacola. 

Knight said the unconventional name of her business was inspired by the lyrics of the popular 1997 song “Sex and Candy” by Marcy Playground. But there’s more to it than just a simple homage. 

“I was listening to the song and I heard that lyric and I thought, ‘Disco, movement, lemonade like, little lemon, come practice at the disco and disco with us,'” she said. “All these hashtags started running through my mind.”

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Beyond the yoga, barre and designer gear is the studio’s promotion of self-care. Knight and her staff say a healthy mindset can’t be understated, and they’re excited to do their part in instilling that in their members.

“What’s so important for me here is to help people realize, ‘You can be happy right now without getting that better job, without losing those extra 10 pounds, without that relationship,'” she said. “You can be happy and fulfilled and have this childlike wonder about life right now if you just stop overthinking so much. I really want people to know they can make that connection with us and with each other here.”

Jake Newby can be reached at or 850-435-8538.

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